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If you think there's only one educational path to success, think again.


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We partnered with Vice to ask teens about their future.

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More than 50% of you are open to something other than four-year college.

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56% of you think a career-based education makes sense today.

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58% of you are confident in your future — now you just need to find the right path.


What's the right path for you?

There are a lot of options — and career and technical education could be the one for you.

What is career and technical education?

It's an educational path that provides you with hands-on training for a specific career. It's shorter than a four-year degree, which means you'll graduate in less time and with less debt.

Some of the possible careers:

Why career and technical education?

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72% of you said your top college worry is paying back student debt.

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80% of the top careers you want are offered through career and technical education.

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87% of you think true success is having a job that matches your passion.

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